Welcome to Virtual Ivi!
I give you the freedom to do the job you love and the security of knowing that your social media is being taking care of

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My name is Ivi and here's a bit about myself... 

I was previously a graphic designer, but I soon developed a love for Social Media and helping others. 

My biggest goal is to achieve creative and professional freedom by helping other business owners with their social media needs.


My Services

Social Media Managing

While you focus on your zone of genius, I will help you build a Social Media presence. 

It's no secret that social platforms are a huge part of our daily lives, both personal and professional. I will create a schedule, post for you, build your identity, engage with your followers... You decide what to outsource.

  • Increase brand identity

  • Create community engagement

  • Improve online presence

  • Establish relationships

  • Valuable Posts (Educational, Promotional, Entertaining)

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"It doesn't take talent or luck to succeed. You just need to decide."

Marie Forleo